Jun 10, 2 months ago

Greyboys out ugly EB O’Reilly

In another disastrous game of slip and slide, E.B. O’Reilly’s size or lack thereof proved to be detrimental for the squad.
The slick floors caused players to be extremely cautious for this contest as well. At one point during a timeout to clean up the floor, O’Reilly guard Jeff Gilman even suggested to end the game, “Are we going to keep playing until somebody gets seriously hurt?,” said Gilman. “I say we just stop now to prevent this happening.”
This game was really close from beginning to end. There wasn’t a lead higher than seven points until tail end of the contest.
In the first half, both squads played well against the conditions. G/F Jeremy Reece and Forward Andrew Gaddess were all over the place for the Greyboys. Both players ended up with double doubles. Reece posted 14 points and 10 boards, and Gaddess added 13 points and 10 boards.
Team captain Ed O’Reilly, who was sporting a laughable purple hippie bandana, had 8 of his 10 points in the first half doing everything is his power to keep his team in the game. Fellow teammate James Schlucter had quite an abominable performance. Schlucter shot just 3-16, and was moving slower than grandma crossing the street.
At the end of the first half, the score was 26-25 Greyboys on top.
Fast forward to midway through the second half, the Greyboys went up ten, but quickly started to lose the lead after a series of missed shots and turnovers. Only up four points and looking lethargic momentarily, the Greyboys called a timeout. During the timeout, guard Dan Strauss corralled his team and gave a few words, “Calm down, go to the post, and make our layups!” “We got this boys.” Immediately after the timeout, Adam Noce came off the bench and scored a layup putting them up 6 (40-34).
O’Reilly team still hung in the contest. Despite his terrible outing, Schlucter scored a layup tying it at 42 apiece with 4:20 to go. During O’Reillys next offensive possession they had a chance to take the lead. Schlucter missed 3 consecutive point blank layups epitomizing the type of frustrating game he had.
Ed Reilly’s production disappeared in the second half as well. He had the sour beer face and was constantly crying to the refs.
They Greyboys then rallied to put O’Reilly out of the contest on a Gaddess offensive tip in with 1:57 left in regulation. O’Reilly was out rebounded 49-31.
Greyboys win this one 45-53.

-Clifford Augustin

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