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Week 7: Preview Monday December 9th

Zach Spitz. To answer your question from Twitter (Is Josh Levin the best captain and best writer). Well from a Captains perspective he’s up there. As a writer he’s definitely number 1. I was a Finance major in college and I sell protection for self-funded medical plans. Levin’s a teacher. Jesus Christ, he better be a better writer. If not I feel for the future of our kids. Well anyway on too the previews!!!

JMB Consulting (1-5) vs Zack Spitz (5-2) @ 6:30 PM

JMB Consulting is struggling this year, but they’re not playing bad. Sort of like the Houston Texans. Prior to their stinker in Jacksonville, they have really only lost games by less than 6 points. Still doesn’t make them good, but they’re better than on paper. JMB lost a high scoring affair with the Drewbie’s Blazers. Keith Milznizak was awesome scoring 24 points with 5 assists. I feel that Keith could really give Spitz a game. I really hope Keith is matched up with Spitz. Of all defenders in the league I think Keith could win this battle. Than you have Mark Mizzer and Brett Fox down low.

Zach Spitz scores a lot, but that’s about it with these guys. Rob Sawyer will get a couple key rebounds and big buckets. Dave Solomon will hit a couple threes, but honestly the game plan has to be to stop Spitz. My team (mostly me) had a total meltdown last week and we were there. Am I saying JMB is better than my team. Absolutely not. However it’s all about match ups.

Upset alert.

JMB 58 Zach Spitz 25 points plus the teams additional 25 equals 50

Y-Pers Joes (5-1) vs EB O’Reilly (3-4) @7:30 PM

Y-Pers is rolling. Captain of the year favorite Max Blum has his team rolling. I personally think they are a lot better than last year. Here’s the deal with Y-Pers. They’re the BEST “TEAM”. They have players who just play so well. Super un-selfish, smart, and a ton of heart. That’s why they are my favorite right now to with the chip. Brad Troyan, Alex Kroupa, and Jeff Gilman are playing awesome. Adam Bluestein was a great pick up and Scott Lansman is having a nice season. You really don’t here a lot about Scott Lansman, but when you have players moving the ball, cutting and finding open men, anyone can be successful on this team. I’m really impressed on how Max keeps these guys together. Impressive. I’m actually hoping Max’s team loses this year so he can draft me next season.

Spitz- there’s your answer for best PMBL Captain. Max Blum.

EB O’Reilly. Honestly. I have no clue what’s going on with them. Rumors are that after Chris Steward broker his hand from excessive masturbation, that he’s not in the league anymore. I don’t know. Led by Dan Strauss, Chad Goldstein and Brandon Sullivan, don’t sleep on this guys. Brandon”s brother Ben has actually filled in for Chris. He’s a big body that can move. He’s physical so this should help.

Either way I like Y-Pers here.

Y-Pers 65 EB 50

Lucha Cartel Joes (2-4) vs Fame House (1-5) @ 8:30 PM

Lucha’s loss last week was comparable to Russ’s girlfriend from Home Alone ” Russ’s girlfriend, woof”. Here’s the deal. I take full responsibility for that loss. I had a lot of frustration built up and I took it out on my team. Spitz- that’s a vote for me as “Worst” captain. Either way, we have some good news. We’re turning over a brand new leaf. Lucha made a trade with Infinity to shake things up. Derek Abrams heads to Infinity with Kyle Blackstone, while Lucha will debut Johnny Gomes twin Ben Holyrod. Ben doesn’t look like Johnny, but he brings that locker room presence we need. We also added Alex Kronstadt who’s a very fundamental and smart player. Did we get better, who know. At this point, we all feel good and we’re excited to get back to playing hoops. AJ Fiore is a monster on this team (in a good way). And took his leadership off the court and put together a great message to the team. For the first time since game 1, there is a lot of positive momentum. Keep an eye for Tim Gola to make plays and Tim Livingstone to grab a ton of boards.

Fame House got a big upset win over number 1 ranked Rino’s last week. Scott Schneider and Keith White led the charge. Captain Mike Fiebach is thrilled to get his first win and likes the way his boys are playing. Adam Longenbach is back to give Dorman some help down low.

I think Lucha bounces back. It’ll be a good game, but this smells like a statement game by Lucha.

Lucha 55 Fame House 45

EB O’Reilly Pro (4-2) vs Y-Pers Pro (5-1) Game the week @9:30 PM

A definite game of the week. EB was missing Mark Zoller last week and it hurt. They got pushed around by Rino’s Mike Keyes. So Josh Carver and Aaron Crump had to pick up the slack. The last time these 2 teams played EB won by 1 point. I’m sure Y-Pers will be looking to get some revenge.

Y-Pers took down the former champs last week. They lead the league in points an assists. Probably why they are first place. This team is really good. Wyatt Haas is awesome. Dasean Cartwright is a floor general and plays super aggressive, and Ricky Laing is a potential Pro MVP. Kevin O’Hara did an amazing job drafting. Derrick Williams, Ray Bailey, and Mark Anthony too have been awesome.

Y-Pers 77 EB 72

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  1. December 9, 2013
    No Keith M for JMB. I change my prediction for wrap shack. Wrap Shack wins by 10 Reply
  2. December 9, 2013
    Triple double for spitz! Reply

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