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Week 8: Monday December 16th Recaps

Sorry about the technical difficulties last week folks, but your esteemed writer keeps his computer at school. When we got held out for snow, I was unable to get my laptop until it was far too late. I promise it will never happen again (unless it happens again). Anyway, with my own team off until 2014, I have to live vicariously through all you losers. Let’s see how the action broke down Monday night.

Game 1: Urban Saloon Upsets Laing-Less Y-pers

Another number 1 bites the dust to kick off a busy week of PMBL action. Kevin O’Hara was without his 2nd round pick but the team was still up for the challenge and took a lead into the half. The game was back and forth all night long, and looked to be headed for the dreaded 6:30 over time slot. Thankfully, Jeremy Reece decided to be a hero, and drained a game sealing three pointer.

With the win, Urban makes a legitimate case to get back up to the one spot. Either way, should be an interesting race to the playoffs for the top seeded Pros.

Game Notes: James Pope had another ridiculous game on the boards, collecting 22 rebounds including 13 on the offensive end…Wyatt Haas kept his team in the game with a strong 18 points and 13 rebounds.

Game 2: Urban Saloon Joes Can’t Handle Emergency Response

No Pat Williams was a big issue for Urban Saloon, who had trouble keeping up with an en fuego Ben Patchen. Patchen, who has been a steady point guard for Emergency Response all season long, upped the ante with a career high 30 points, including lights out three point shooting (6 of 9).
ER had a ten point lead in the first five minutes and Urban was never able to make a serious push. In the end, ER won 73 – 58.

Game Notes: Chad Beene did his best to keep the team alive with 21 points and 15 rebounds in the losing effort…Tyler Neiderman was his steady stable self, collecting 18, 9, (and 6 assists). He may want to lay off the 3’s though after only hitting 4 – 15…Jon Coyle and Ryan Gilroy both broke double digits for their teams, with 12 and 16 respectively.

Game 3: Rino’s Beats the Champs in “Technically” Sound Game

As Elton John once sang, The Blatt is Back! Chris Blatt lit a fire under his team in this one, hitting 5 first half threes to set the pace for a Rino’s team that had been voted “Most Dysfunctional” in recent PMBL polls. They had a heavy task this week, as they were up against a championship squad that was struggling to find their footing in a very deep Pros league.

This game was back and forth throughout, with so many technicals and fouls that Santa had to go back and get a double order of coal. As we approached the final moments, Rinos was having trouble holding onto the ball, and Mark Cooper made them pay by hitting a three to cut the lead down to one. Stunning, the pizza men turned the ball right back over to Cooper, but he wasn’t able to make them pay, and Rinos survived with a one point win.

Game Notes: Do-Dirt was his usual outstanding star studded self. Even in a loss, he excels…Richard Carter got ejected for being naughty…David Levetter set the tone down low and scored 17 points to go with 11 rebounds.

Game 4: EB O’Reilly Blows Out the Winless Cartel

Another 9:30 game with a 9:30 result. Based on the Twitter chatter after the game, all I can surmise is that Evan Koch got dunked on really really really hard by Josh Carver, and that Shawn Hall was frustrated by the lack of team chemistry.

On a positive note, EB seems to be rounding into gear, particularly Aaron Crump, who was 15 – 15 on the night from the free throw line.

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  1. December 17, 2013
    NOTE: rino’s shot THIRTY free throws compared to just FOUR for Wrap Shack and still complained to the referees about missed calls & and ones…thirty free throws…to four… Reply
  2. December 17, 2013
    This whole write up was terrible smh we was winning the whole game what do you mean the game was back and forth they had the led 1 time in the 2nd half smh we won the game and the article bout them let they balls go…….. And yes the refs were horrible most of the tecs were stupid Reply
    • December 18, 2013
      AL, We always love your input. Please feel free to send any information that you want in the recaps to Reply

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